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-"Elles, question de genre?" Musée Paul Dini (Villefranche sur Saône-France) 
  (group exhibition) 21/03/2019-22/09/2019 
  Curated by Fanny Robin (fondation Bullukian) and Sylvie Carlier (Musée Paul Dini).
-"Chacun son trait" Galerie Françoise Besson (Lyon-France) 
(group exhibition) 11/04/2019-08/06/2019
Curated by Françoise Besson and Sophie Matter
-"Invitations", Centre d'art de Lacoux(Lacoux, france) 
(group exhibition) 27/04/2019-06/2019 
Curated by Marc Desgrandchamps and Djamel Tatah
-"Du voyage, l'oeuvre" (Archipel art contemporain-Maison forte de Hautetour- Saint Gervais-France)
(group exhibition) 06/2019-09/2019 
Curated by emma Legrand